Dr. Abhijit Gosavi


Dr. Gosavi's main contributions to teaching and research are in the area of systems and control. In particular, he has focused on developing algorithms for simulation optimization (or simulation-based optimization) of discrete-event systems, which has resulted in a book and numerous papers in premier journals. His research philosophy is driven and motivated by an urge to develop algorithms that work in practice. His research has been funded by industry, Department of Defense, the University of Missouri Research Board, the Colorado State University-Pueblo Research Board, the VA Hospitals, and the National Science Foundation. He is very grateful for this support and is also grateful to other researchers and colleagues who have cited his research: Google scholar profile. He teaches courses on Discrete-Event Simulation, Markov Decision Processes, Layout and Location Analysis, and Operations Management.

Research Interest

  • Reduction of Risk and Hazard Mitigation
  • Reinforcement Learning and Simulation-Based Optimization
  • Revenue Management and Pricing
  • Systems Science


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