CIES aims to reimagine concrete

What is CIES?

The Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES) is an interdisciplinary research center that provides leadership in research and education aimed at solving the problems affecting the nation's aging infrastructure.

The Center has 3 staff members to assist faculty with research projects in the laboratory/field or grant-related adminstrative functions.

Currently, the Center's research team consists of over 20 faculty members from 10 academic departments.

What does CIES do?

CIES seeks to be the primary conduit for communication among faculty members on the Missouri S&T campus interested in infrastructure studies through the following mechanisms.

>> Fostering interdisciplinary R&D activities in infrastructure engineering.

>> Supporting student education in the vast field of infrastructure engineering studies.

>> Promoting technology transfer to the engineering community and industry.

>> Assisting Center-affiliated members in preparing major infrastructure proposals.

How do I join?

  1. First, contact the Director to find out more about the Center and how it can benefit your research.

  2. Then, acknowledge your partnership with the Center by giving Center credit on research projects that you undertake. (DeptID: R5012021)

  3. We invite all our affiliated faculty to attend informational meetings and seminars to meet other faculty, form collaborations and stay abreast of Center activities.