Forms and Scheduling

Need to request CIES resources?

(Equipment, Technician Support, Laboratory Space)

Request approval here.

Completed forms must be submitted and approved (at the start of each semester, for each project) by the CIES Director before resources can be used.


Fill out the online Supply Order Form. Once an advisor provides authorization and a MoCODE to Jason Cox, the order will be placed.

NEED to schedule technician time?

Follow the instructions below.

Scheduling timeline:

First, requests must be submitted by the Thursday of the week before any equipment or assistance is needed.

Spreadsheet of all submitted requests:

All submitted request forms will then appear in a spreadsheet, which can be viewed in the link below. The spreadsheet will allow you to view previous requests made by students, so you can submit your request accordingly, as it is a first come, first serve basis.

Spreadsheet of all submitted requests:

Requesting tech time/equipment/supplies:

Google form for requesting tech time/equipment/supplies:

Final Schedule:

This will help with overlapping requests, as everyone can see who is using what equipment and for how long and plan appropriately.

 Final Schedule (for viewing only):