Center for Infrastructure Engineering policies


CIES Affiliated-Research Investigator Status

 Considerable amount of research activities within Center’s main thrust areas

 Sustained collaboration with CIES-affiliated faculty members

 Expected to acknowledge in proposals no more than 2 research Centers, 1 being CIES, on all research projects within the thrust areas of the Center

CIES Affiliated-Research Investigator Incentives

 Technician support

  • 50% of each CIES technician’s time will be allocated per year to Senior Investigators
    • Minimum hours will be equally allocated for all Sr. Investigators (40%)
    • Remaining 60% of this support will be distributed as a function of each Senior Investigator’s portion of external funding awarded in the previous fiscal year, that are scheduled for expenditure that year, and for which CIES has received Center credit
  • Possibility to request additional technician time with 50% co-pay (funds will be placed in a separate account to enable the hiring of additional technical support)
  • Any use of CIES technicians involving more than 8 hours of work per day needs to be pre-approved by Center Director.
    • PIs are responsible for reimbursing lodging and meals expenses according to University policy for any off-campus work.

 Office space/telephone in the Pine Box for student/post doc

  • Requests, including renewals, for office space in the Pine Box should be made by June 30th of each academic year for planning purposes.
  • Max. duration of 5 semesters for M.S., 11 semesters for Ph.D., and 3 years for post-docs
  • CIES pays for office phone lines for local calls only.

 Discounted use of CIES trucks

  • Dump truck: $100/load
  • Trips less than 10 miles to procure supplies locally in Rolla (i.e. Lowes, Family Center, Walmart) will be free of charge.
  • If the truck is reserved/used for a full business day, the investigator will be charged 1/3 the IRS’ standard mileage rate for business travel plus the cost of fuel.
  • Any additional days of truck use on job sites will be charged at $50/day.
  • Usage fees will be placed in a separate account to cover maintenance costs and insurance.

 Assistance with research accounts and budgets (with prior notice) for projects credited to Center

 Use of specialized CIES tools/equipment under CIES staff supervision

 Listed as CIES-Affiliated Faculty Member on CIES website

o   Project videos/updates/reports posted on CIES website

 Center purchasing credit card and assistance with monthly reconciliation

 Assist with ordering project supplies on projects with CIES credit